such a miserable 17

" Well i turned to 17 years old last month on 9 March 2012".

Usually, most of the people think that they should celebrate their 17 years old birthday with a special birthday party, like partying at the hotel with a band or dj for the entertainment, dressed just like a princess and another extraordinary things that you never done it before at your previous birthday party. Some said that 17 years old is the time when we become more mature and of course at this time parents will give us a little more of their trust to us, so that besides we feel like getting some freedom we also controlled to become more independent.

But the worst point is, things that mostly happened to another 17 years old teenagers are reversed to what happened to me. What i mean is not about a big party, or maybe expensive thing ( absolutely NO ! ) . Actually, just needing a little freedom by being permitted to go somewhere with friends. I thought it's really more than enough for now.