There's always God beside us

I saw, i felt...
Things just go wrong
Sometimes it's right,
But as fast as the light,
Things go wrong again

I took a deep breath
And kept silent for some moment
I thought..
Why things go wrong
Then, i talked to God

Suddenly, tears just flew out
And little by little,
My pain dissapeared,
And I thought I finally found a peace in my lifetime
He made my eyes opened up,
That beside all the wrong things happened to me,
He always holds my hand even i cant see it...

Quotes of the day

"Sometimes what we want to do is running from the realities".

"With arts we can express all of our emotion out".

"If you're not satisfied of what u have in your life maybe you're not grateful enough".

"Sometimes even we have our parents and friends beside us, still there's an empty feeling inside".

"Sometimes we shouldn't just waiting n waiting for what u want , you should do an action to get it".

- just another random quotes by me that i tweeted at @cellinepiscean, while actually i'm studying now :p