There's always God beside us

I saw, i felt...
Things just go wrong
Sometimes it's right,
But as fast as the light,
Things go wrong again

I took a deep breath
And kept silent for some moment
I thought..
Why things go wrong
Then, i talked to God

Suddenly, tears just flew out
And little by little,
My pain dissapeared,
And I thought I finally found a peace in my lifetime
He made my eyes opened up,
That beside all the wrong things happened to me,
He always holds my hand even i cant see it...

Quotes of the day

"Sometimes what we want to do is running from the realities".

"With arts we can express all of our emotion out".

"If you're not satisfied of what u have in your life maybe you're not grateful enough".

"Sometimes even we have our parents and friends beside us, still there's an empty feeling inside".

"Sometimes we shouldn't just waiting n waiting for what u want , you should do an action to get it".

- just another random quotes by me that i tweeted at @cellinepiscean, while actually i'm studying now :p

such a miserable 17

" Well i turned to 17 years old last month on 9 March 2012".

Usually, most of the people think that they should celebrate their 17 years old birthday with a special birthday party, like partying at the hotel with a band or dj for the entertainment, dressed just like a princess and another extraordinary things that you never done it before at your previous birthday party. Some said that 17 years old is the time when we become more mature and of course at this time parents will give us a little more of their trust to us, so that besides we feel like getting some freedom we also controlled to become more independent.

But the worst point is, things that mostly happened to another 17 years old teenagers are reversed to what happened to me. What i mean is not about a big party, or maybe expensive thing ( absolutely NO ! ) . Actually, just needing a little freedom by being permitted to go somewhere with friends. I thought it's really more than enough for now.

A troubled heart

This is such a feeling that I don't know since when this feeling has frequently comes to my life. When it comes it's feels like an upset feeling but also combinated with a sorrow feelings Maybe it can be called GALAU in Indonesian. A feeling that frequently happens to teenagers or maybe young adults. But you know what ? If you keep this feeling for so long, it will be real dangerous, guys ! Because it would strained your own feelings and usually makes your work result not good, well it had happened to me in fact.

And now, i have just went back to school after having a week of holiday and in that whole week i just stayed at home ( of course ) , wake up - take a shower - eat - play the sims 3 - watch movies till dawn - and then sleep again ( to be honest, it made my life real flat ). After the holiday done, i realized that i'm not listening at music at all, except watching videos at youtube. Cause music is the one of the factors that can made my heart been troubled ( Galau ), well it's because i have a lot stock of  "Galau" songs. I don't know why i didn't do that activities for a week whether because i want to move on from the troubled heart or maybe i'm not intend to do that with any purpose.

Beside that, honestly i kept myself away from hearing the radio whether my favourite broadcaster was airing. But still deep in my heart i still have that troubled heart even i already tried to stepped away from some activities that can make my heart troubled. And the peak is today, my friends sang so much "Galau" songs and it made me pensived. Also it made me didn't have spirit to do such school works , real damn right ? Yeahh , maybe it's because i'm just a normal 17 years old teenager that have knew about LOVE . But at the last, that word will just make us getting our heart troubled.

" Kita galau, karena lebih sering membayangkan kemungkinan buruk, dari pada membayangkan hasil baik." -Mario Teguh

Don't give up !

You can be the smallest ,
You can be the weakest ,
You can be the worst player in the field
but when people tell you you're no good, 
and you say you should give it up
you know what to do ?
you just keep on swinging !

From the above quote that i got from a movie titled " Everyone's hero " , it's tells us that even though we or people think that we are not good at all at something that we are working right now , something that we should do is keep trying and DON'T GIVE UP ! 

Hugo [ Sinopsis ]

Genre                    :  Adventure/ Fantasy
Tanggal Rilis          :  23 November 2011
Sutradara              :  Martin Scorsese
Pemain                  :  Asa Butterfield, ChloĆ« Grace Moretz, Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen
Penulis                  :  John Logan ( Skenario ) , Brian Selznick ( Buku )
Produser               :  Johnny Depp, Tim Headington, Graham King, Martin Scorsese
Distributor             :  Paramount Pictures
Durasi                   :  127 menit
Dana Produksi      :  US$51 juta
Situs Resmi           :

Sebuah film tentang seorang anak laki - laki yatim piatu bernama Hugo Cabret ( Asa Butterfield ) karena ayahnya meninggal dalam sebuah kebakaran dan ia pun akhirnya tinggal sendiri di balik dinding stasiun kereta api , Paris . Sepeninggalan ayahnya , ia berusaha keras untuk memecahkan misteri dari mesin berbentuk robot yang ditinggalkan ayahnya yang tidak dapat berfungsi dengan baik .Dalam kesendirian hidupnya , Hugo Cabret juga harus merahasiakan dimana ia tinggal , sehingga ia tidak boleh terlihat oleh orang - orang di stasiun kereta api tersebut ketika memasuki lorong menuju tempat tinggalnya selama ini . Ia juga mengumpulkan beberapa petunjuk untuk mengungkap misteri yang diwariskan ayahnya ini .

Sampai pada akhirnya ia bertemu seorang gadis bernama Isabelle ( Chloe Moretz ) yang merupakan anak babtis dari seorang kakek tua yang membuka sebuah toko mainan di stasiun kereta . Pertemuannya dengan gadis itu pun menjadi titik cerah baginya untuk mengetahui teka - teki misteri tentang sepeninggalan ayahnya  . Dan anehnya ,ternyata kakek tua penjual mainan di stasiun kereta yang ia kenal ternyata terkait dalam misteri yang belum terpecahkan ini .

Film ini dibuat berdasarkan buku yang berjudul ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’ karangan Brian Selznickh dan merupakan karya pertama sutradara Martin Scorsese yang dibuat dengan format 3D.

Rapuh Tapi Tak Terpatahkan

Aku berjalan setapak demi setapak
Berjalan mengarungi hidup tanpa kenal letih
Untuk meraih sebuah mimpi
Mimpi yang mungkin setiap orang impi - impikan

Namun mimpi tinggalah harapan
Bak pasir yang tersapu debur ombak yang hilang begitu saja
Rasa hati ingin berteriak sekencang mungkin
Karena tertusuk duri yang menyiksa batinku hingga tertatih

Seiring hari demi hari ku jalani
Aku menjadi tak peduli,
Tak peduli terhadap mimpiku yang telah menjadi bayang - bayang ilusi
Tak peduli terhadap cibiran - cibiran yang kunjung meradang dipikiranku

Bagiku semua hantaman keras yang telah ku dapat,
Telah beralih menjadi sebuah pelajaran berharga yang membuat mataku terbuka,
Hingga memperkokoh pendirian dan keyakinanku,
Untuk menarik kembali sedikit demi sedikit tali mimpi yang lalu hampir ku genggam